About us

Who The Heck Are We?!

We are Denver's first premium e-cig retailer offering Vegan friendly e-juice, along with natural selected handpicked Shanghainese Tea and Tea sets. Yuphorix is dedicated to providing our guest value on the newest mods, vape kits, jewelry, vaporesso, scientific bubblers, and accessories. Daily we offer free tea sampling sessions, and Xbox game play nights. One of our focuses include providing a wide selection of e-liquids that are USDA organic that are not tested on animals, no artificial flavoring, & natural glycerin.Pure organic nicotine flavoring is used, varieties starting from lowest to high potency.

Our store works to capture modern, funky, futuristic designs into our scientific glass pipes, rocket oil rigs, and vaporizers. Vaporizers offered here at Yuphorix are compatible for all herbal, wax, and oil concentrate usage, our three in one vaporizers are most highly favored. Individually here at Yuphorix we aim to create a healthier way to your cloud.


Established Spring of 2016!   

Yuphorix kicked off it's online shop in 2016! Jie and Diamond are very proud to open Yuphorix and share their vision together of building a better tomorrow. The Denver Yuphorix brand is more than just a small smoke shop in a wall, we want to educate everyone on how to create a symbiotic relationship with the product we offer and choices we make to better our body as well as the environment that surround us.

  • As a team we sought to develop  a shop that caters to promoting a better habitat and quality for all users. Our vegan-friendly carried E-liquids, and Tea shop are a combination of Diamond and Jie's efforts to provide varieties of cleaner ways to enjoy what you love. 

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