1. Tricks Mix - This one's for you silly rabbit! Go ahead, finally taste those sweet fruit filled puffs you've been waiting for your entire life

2. Strawberry & Cream - Juicy plump strawberries immersed in a sweet cream to form a light strawberry.

3. Rainbow Burst - This burst of flavors will make you feel like you are finally tasting the rainbow (skittles)

4. Breakfast Strudel - A fluffy pastry, packed with strawberry filling and topped with a splash of melted vanilla icing

5. Apple Muffin - Lucious apple pie filling, stuffed into a vanilla muffin and sprinkled with the perfect hint of cinnamon.

6.Orchard Medley - Delightfully smooth peaches blended with crisp apples and ripe strawberries to create a trio your taste buds cannot resist.

Nicotine Level

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